• Decorative panels

  • NF Exterior CTB - X Structure

  • Eco-aware

  • Format : 2500 x 1250 mm


Rolpin LAMBRIS is a MARITIME PINE plywood (origin France) with panelling type, U shaped grooving on one side. It has 2 long machined inter-locking edges.
Used for decorative cladding.


Product Features

Face Face fermée, sans noeud, avec pastilles bois (maxi 5 / m²). Réparations mastic occasionnelles. Face de parement rainurée en U (largeur : 4mm, profondeur : 5mm, entraxe des rainures 75mm)
Back Face ouverte, non réparée, admettant trous de noeuds et fentes
Finish Les 2 faces sont poncées
U shaped grooving


Speckled grooving


thickness 15mm U shaped grooving, autoclave risk class IV for exterior use

pre-painted white on one side for a quality of faces I/II as per EN 635-3

2500 x 1250 mm (please contact us for other formats)

From 10 to 15 mm

Number of plies
From 5 to 7

From 60 to 40

560 à 610 kg/m3

Decorative cladding.


According to EN 314-2 standard: bonding class 3 “exterior applications» water and weather resistant. Phenolic glue.


Cutting and machining available upon request.

Structural use in construction

System 2 + Certificate of conformity according to EN 13986 + A1

Exterior conditions

According to EN 636 + A1 (structural use).French NF exterior CTBX quality mark and the German BFU 100 DIN 68705 part 3 certified.

Formaldehyde emission

E1 classification according to EN 717.2 standards.

Formaldehyde emission measurements reveal a clearance of 0.02 mg/L air using desiccator method ISO 12460-4. This value is 15 times lower than the Japanese F**** standard requirements, the most stringent in the world (0.3 mg/l) according to JIS A 1460 standard.

Fire reaction classification

According to EN 13501-1 +A1
Thickness > 9 mm : Euroclass D-s2, d0


Marking CE
n° 380 – CPD – 011 - EN 13986 + A1



Panels should be stored in a covered and dry place and to be kept flat and level on dry rafters keeping them off the ground. Spacing between rafters is to be calculated to be suitable to the thickness and the nature of the stored panels. In case of storage in several piles, align the supports with the long side. On a construction site, plan for shelter or for covering for the panels that is simultaneously water repellent and permeable to water vapor.


Use in compliance with current industry, safety, and building codes – DTU 36.1.
In order to ensure resiliency of the completed work, compliance with implementation and maintenance requirements below must be respected:

Preparation of panels prior to installation

In the workshop, apply protective, fungicidal, anti-blue stain, and water repellent treatment, on the face of the panels and on the edges. Check that the product ensures the 3 properties and is suitable for use on plywood. Fungicide + water-repellent preservatives in an organic solvent phase are recommended because they are more penetrating.

Panel installation

Install panels on battens in ensure proper ventilation to the counterface, the battens must be staggered for proper air circulation. In the case of insulation installation, make sure the battens are thick enough to allow sufficient airflow between the insulation and panelling in order to avoid moisture. On the exterior (Elegia), when covering vertical walls, the panels must be installed so the grooving is vertical.

Fastening the panels: the maximum distance of the supports must not exceed:
- 60 times the thickness of the panel in the case of vertical installation, with supports perpendicular to the panel grooving, - 50 times the thickness of the panel in the case of horizontal or oblique installation, with supports perpendicular to the direction of the panels. The first and the last batten are placed at about 5 cm from the ground, the ceiling, and any other edge of the wall section. Use twist or ring-shank nails, nailing every 15 cm.


For application in exterior or damp settings, ROLPIN LAMBRI plywood, having been treated with a fungicide, anti- blue stain, and water repellent must then be finished using opaque finishes (paints) or transparent or semi transparent finishes (stains). These finishes must be applied immediately after installation according to the manufacturers’ requirements with a minimum of two layers on a new structure.


In order to ensure resilience in exterior or damp setting applications, ROLPIN LAMBRI plywood requires maintenance of the exposed, visible face by applying a fresh coat of paint or stain. Maintenance intervals depend upon the quality of the product and the exposure of the panels.


Panel dimensional tolerances are as follows

They are in compliance with standard EN 315 requirements :

  • Length/width dimensional tolerance: ±3.5 mm
  • Straightness of edges and squaring: 1 mm per linear metre
  • Thickness tolerance according to NF EN 315 standards

Other features

Thermal conductivity
Environmental sustainability

Pentachlorophenol levels
Water vapour permeability
Sound absorption

λ = 0,13W/.K
Maritime pine species:
Class 3 - 4 according to EN 350 part 2
< 5 ppm. (PCP)
70 μ wet / 200 μ dry
250 à 500 Hz = 0,10
1000 à 2000 Hz = 0,30

For more information and mechanical features, download the technical specifications sheet below.. 


 layout, furniture and carpentry, Rolpin BATI finds application where aesthetics and wood grain are important.


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